AT LAST some time for me to grow and paint my nails again. Block practice is done and today I took the final exam in internal medicine. Performed pretty badly at the oral part but it was apparently enough for a 4, so I'm content with that. Also the surgery results have come out and I got a 5!! Yay.

Ran home for a nap after the exam then immediately went swimming. My stamina felt lousy... but I'm happy that the outdoor pool has opened! Lost count of my laps as usual but didn't swim too far, just somewhere above 1 km.

Someone opened the door on me while I was changing in a booth... a lady luckily... however she didn't apologize for flashing my private parts. Aaanyways. I'm sleeping well tonight.

Lately my camera is busted, seriously. But I lack funds as to replace it!!! My bikini is the "quad black" from Sheridyn Swim.

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