OK, I have to put this out there - I LOVE Debrecen right now. We've had summer for over a month with warm evenings and sunny days. Today 26 degrees!

Dennis and I had dinner at Terasz last night, probably my favourite restaurant here... then saw Madmax at cinema (crazy) and had a nice walk home. Life can really be enjoyable here when you're not killing yourself before an exam. The gynaecology oral exam went great, by the way.

See my backpack!? It's the one I got at the market some weeks ago. I was looking for sooo long for a backpack like this at an affordable price... paid 14 000 ft for it which is about 420 SEK, which is GREAT for nubuck/real leather. Some color still rubs off on my hands from it but I suppose I should have expected that getting a bag in nubuck...

5 photos of me and one of Dennis watching me of course. Haha :)

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