Bless you

You should only know how much I cook. Really a lot... I think one of my greater purposes to life is to make food and hear Dennis exclaim how good it is.

I rarely post photos of food because it's so hard to take nice ones. Look at our plates, these plates ruined the picture before I even put the food onto them.

I suppose you can see me standing, upside-down in the spoon.

Anyhow, today I made pasta-pollo-something and spicy chicken soup. Oh assembled nourishing nutrients, heal me!!!


Pictures from yesterday afternoon. Dennis and I walked to Tesco to get some random equipment, such as bicycle lamps and a bowl for salad... the plan was to finish the walk at the gym for a quick go-through, but we got stuck at Tesco for so long that we couldn't make it on time. To make up for that we went for an outdoor session at the nearby track... which happened to be closed due to maintenance... so that was that and we had a tiny workout at home on my Yoga mat.

Mon - Muay Thai
Tue - Gym (shoulders, biceps, chest)
Wed - Gym (back, triceps, shoulders, abs)
Thur - Gym (legs, abs)
Fri - Rest
Sat - guesstimated 4 km walk
Sun - Infected...

A cat

Woke up with a cold. Probably had it coming this whole week; only a question of time before I did something to lower my immune system...

Have to say Friday night was hilarious. Went to the UV-light event at LOFT featuring le twerk-competition. Unfortunately I didn't get to see Debrecen's local talents twerking as the evening ended short... due to over-partying by a close friend :P

Now, this Sunday has basically been consumed by me trying to fix the Wi-Fi on my phone. Seems to be grilled. Good old hardware barbecue. Maria's first and last iPhone. I still have hope, which is to get my money back since the 2-year EU consumer warranty still is valid.

Photos from the weekend!



Biggest contrast of my life, yesterday versus today. Woke up after zero-quality sleep in a puddle of sweat, wow I felt like shit. Hardly recognized my face in the mirror. Skipped all my classes. Went to school for lunch at Korean with Bendy.

Maybe I'm getting sick, or I'm actually hungover from.. two drinks and a glass of wine last night....

Well yesterday was awesome anyways. Saw some people at Roncs after my Muay Thai practice. Super sad that Julian is leaving Debrecen :(



Post edited as some of you see!

I don't believe in a higher power, but if there could be a sign for me to not go out tonight, I went with that!

Actually feeling great tonight and just had a proper workout at the gym! :) This is probably the first Friday in my life that I don't mind being a bit ditched, at all. Going to cook chicken-veggie-chili-something and watch a movie with Dennis.

I love my hair. PEACE.



Not sure why I'm so awake during medical imaging classes, but I appreciate it! I really like the radiology department. Plus it feels meaningful to make use of what I learned in biophysics, which... made first year so special.

Currently sitting on (in? at?) the balcony at home. Just had lunch. Stunning weather today! Will bike back to school soon for the traumatology lecture.


Ran run

Ran 5,7 km with Sonia yesterday, then went for some upper body at the gym. Sore legs but less than expected!! Going to the Muay Thai practice tonight and I don't exepct being able to say the same thing tomorrow heheh...



Went out last night to the semester opening party with Dennis! This is truth that I'm telling you!!

After three years of living in this appartment, we discovered that we have no wine opener. Hello improvisation! My efforts sprinkled Dennis's favourite shirt with red wine. (what my morning has been about...) But, I still have hope for the pigment to dissolve... I'm very sorry about this but I have a feeling that this will happen many more times if Dennis dares to be with me...

We had a great time dancing however! I loved being in my outfit but of course I forgot the camera at home. We agreed having a photo taken on the dancefloor which I am dreading to see... intoxicated, sweaty, and the hair... I'm scared to even think about it... we all know what happens to hair in a club... and a camera flash on that... ouch... I even promised myself not to agree to any photos being taken without correcting my hair first. Thanks for keeping your own promise Maria, thanks!!

Skill or simply luck?

Hectic week! My best news is that everything is great, second best is that I was unfairly lucky during course registration. I managed to get all electives that I wanted, so I'm taking 40 credits this semester. Also registered my two first choices for the practice this semester (Obstetrics & Gynaecology + Cardiology in DEBRECEN). The number of spaces are very limited and many have to go to other cities to do their practice... may mercy meet you there.

I'm back to the gym and currently sitting in my sofa, quite sore. Planning to start over with running any day soon!

Jasmine and I the day before I left to Debrecen.


My last week in Sweden! Went to Nyköping yesterday to see Malin, even with two years apart I'm really happy that we are so close :) great friends are rare.

I'm at the countryside at the moment with my family, starting to feel anxious about leaving while also excited to go back. I wish I could just cross a bridge to come to Debrecen and get to live in both worlds at once.