Went out last night to the semester opening party with Dennis! This is truth that I'm telling you!!

After three years of living in this appartment, we discovered that we have no wine opener. Hello improvisation! My efforts sprinkled Dennis's favourite shirt with red wine. (what my morning has been about...) But, I still have hope for the pigment to dissolve... I'm very sorry about this but I have a feeling that this will happen many more times if Dennis dares to be with me...

We had a great time dancing however! I loved being in my outfit but of course I forgot the camera at home. We agreed having a photo taken on the dancefloor which I am dreading to see... intoxicated, sweaty, and the hair... I'm scared to even think about it... we all know what happens to hair in a club... and a camera flash on that... ouch... I even promised myself not to agree to any photos being taken without correcting my hair first. Thanks for keeping your own promise Maria, thanks!!

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