(always) ALMOST late

No matter how early I've been waking up in the mornings, this whole semester I have always ended up running to the Histology practicals... it's not a metaphor, literally running. Except for today!! I had time to walk the entire stretch and still arrive on time. My problem is (and has been my entire life) that I live too close to school.............

Naturally it's not possible for me to leave home on time and bring everything that I need during the day. Something was missing; happened to be my deodorant heeh.

Oh yesterday I had duck with mashed potatoes at Melange again, it's sooo good! It's probably my favourite dish from this part of Europe. It was Dennis treat thank you <3<3<3 He earned a full tuition fee reduction (scholarship) due to his high grade average from the priveous semester (5,00/5,00). Me I'm at exactly 4,00 (means I score 80% on average) which is not quite enough.

Becoming chilly here now! It's a bit tricky to get dressed because there's 0 degrees in the morning but then around 10 during the day. Nice weather today :D


Blahblah glitter nails

Some time ago I broke a nail very deeply, I had to cut all my nails down super short. So there weren't any attempts for manicures for a while... except for Halloween but that came out as a minor disaster... I did this now using a few glitters. One might think that the OPI-one would be a joy but it's horrible to apply AND remove!! At least it looks nice. This was a break from Biochemistry... Now I'm switching over to Hungarian because the test is tomorrow. (I think I stated something else before).


DIY home spa hair mask!

1. The organic formula that will make your hair soft and shiny!

I use honey, virgin olive oil and pomegranate juice. Honey and olive oil are the important ingredients here! The pomegranate juice contains more Vitamin C (an antioxidant) than any other fruit; I add it to condition my scalp. I add honey and oil in about a 1:1 ratio, then I squeeze a few grams of pomegranade with a garlic press right in to the mixture. Adjusting the proportions is fine it will still be a great mask for your hair =)

If you have platina/strongly bleached hair I suggest to skip the pomegranate as is is very pigmented and maybe could stain your chemically treated hair!?

Note that honey contains traces of peroxide and will slightly bleach your hair after sequential use of this formula since peroxide lyses melanine - the pigment in your hair.

2: Hair with no products or chemicals in it! I put the formula in unwashed second day hair.

3. Materials: formula, a spray thingy, comb, plastic bag, two elastic bands and maybe a few bobby pins.

First thing to do - you want damp hair! It will facilitate the application and increase efficiency of the formula. So spray your entire hair lightly with water. I use boiled (cool) water from the kettle because I don't want to stick excess calcium and chloride (etcetc) to my hair...

Comb your hair to avoid tangling! Then start adding the formula. I use my hand but I think a hair dye brush would be more convenient. Start by rubbing the formula all over your scalp and then work towards your ends. Your hair should be soaked! If you have long hair like me you may start to run out of formula before all ends are covered - if this happens I simply add more olive oil.

Wrap your sticky hair into a bun and tie it with the first elastic band. Spray some more water to the hair as it will already have started to dry, we want to keep it moist to increase the diffusion rate of the formula. Also spray a little water in your plastic bag.

Put the plastic bag on your head, empty the air. The excess plastic I like to twist and wrap around my bun. Use the second elastic band to secure the plastic on your head. If needed also use bobby pins to prevent the plastic from migrating.

Wear for at least 45 minutes if you want a nourishing effect! There's no point in wearing a hair mask for a shorter time as there will be no time for proper diffusion of the ingredients. If you desire to use this formula to bleach your hair you want to keep the formula in for several hours. I usually keep it in for five hours. The darker hair you have the more sessions will be required for you to see the diffrerence. My boyfriend noticed that my hair was lighter after a month (5 sessions) =)

The bleaching by honey is irreversible, as is bleaching by any method, because you are basically deleting the pigmentation of your hair. The outgrowing hair will have your natural colour. You can let the natural peroxide bleach your hair with absolutely minimum damage at the same time as you deep condition your hair. Love iiit.

Rinse the formula out using hot water. If you don't use hot water it will be difficult to remove all the oil and sugar. I don't recommend using your regular schampoo like you usually do, it will decrease the effect of the formula and add stress to your scalp. Use only a little bit of shampoo and then a much bigger amount of your hair conditioner (balsam). The ingredients of a conditioner is enough to dissolve excess sugar and oil. But it takes a longer time, rub thoroughly and probably twice.

This formula is also good to treat a dry scalp. If you have a dry scalp I really recommend to include the pomegranate or the juice of another antioxidant rich fruit, the ascorbic acid in the fruit is good against different fungi which are sometimes the cause of a dry scalp! If you have very oily hair I suggest to increase the ratio of honey : oil, but it is actually a good idea to treat an oily scalp with a little oil =)


Good +/- good

At the moment: my boyfriend is voluntarily practicing cooking to achieve some sort of Vietnamese (pork) delicacy. I see... light!!

... aaand darkness. I really need to study hardcore now... In seven days we have the second mid term exam in physiology and I didn't do well in the first one so I really need a good result on this one... the day after we have a test in Hungarian which we don't really have time for... then two days after that we have a test in Anatomy for the thorax and then on the Monday in the following week we have the second Biochemistry exam followed by Histology on Wednesday... ugh. So yeah it's about time to learn everything properly now heheh


Last evening was all about Halloween. We started out at Joakim's new apartment (so nice!! and thanks again!) where we played some games and then we went out to the official party. It was not very crowded when we got there half past twelve but within half an hour the place got full and it was a lot of fun!

I admit quite many did not figure out what I was dressed up as... but it was supposed to be "Amazon warrior", haha! Bendy abandoned our duo for "army girl". DIY! I made the costume out of a simple bodycon skirt, my old gym shorts and a really boring top using scissors, loose studs, nailpolish and a ruler. The top I like a lot! I kept it long (I just twisted and folded it up yesterday) because I definitely want to wear it. I made Bendy's top too =)

Oh and about my abs-project... not really huh! But there's already a noticable difference. I'll keep up with my excess sit-ups and you can read about my progress here... haha.



Gym was great today! I'm very happy that I've been able to go every second day for the third week now.

When I go to the gym I go for weights and weighty machines. Personally I don't understand why one would want to go to the gym for the treadmill... Isn't it much nicer to take a walk or run outside in the fresh air?

Now it's about time to start studying. But first I have a fruit pie to make! :D a few friends might come over and yum it with me. Also I have to wash out this "stay-in-hair-conditioning" (what's the word in English anyways??) that I have in my hair. Wioo it's going to be soft and shiny. I used honey, olive oil and pomegranate juice...

Moi today. Revealing the cleanliness of the mirrors heheh.


Drop it!!

Spontaniety. A social trend. Did you notice? A spontaneous person is fun! Agree, yes?

I agree it is fun to be spontaneous. Also I agree that spontaneous acts may contribute positively to one's impression of a character (person) and make him/her more interesting. I am no exception... It is currently so likeable to be spontaneous that people want to be percieved as spontaneous individuals.

People like to say things as: "I went to Budapest but I didn't have any specific plans in mind because I like to be spontaneous." I understand that this is what people like to say but the unfortunate truth is that you cannot force spontaniety. The core of spontaniety is suddenness and act due to impulse.

Conclusion: Spontaniety cannot be foreseen and you can't promote it!

You can arrive in Budapest and start to walk around and go with the flow and see what happens. But then you do have a plan, which is to go with the flow. What you are promoting is last minute desicions...

"So as a person do you make plans or are you spontaneous?" No! I'm sorry but your sentence is invalid! Making plans is not the opposite of being spontaneous! The opposite of making plans it to not make plans!

But still we really like to be spontaneous =( how can we solve this dilemma? I say, use Marias' tip of the day!

How to be spontaneous, EXTRAEXRTRA: this tip does not include pretentiousness or the feeling of insecurity that may arise from not being able to make plans in order to be spontaneous:

- Make a plan! Who knows, while executing your plan, you might actually get something done. AND while doing what is in your plan, something that you didn't plan could emerge out of the nowhere and suddenly you have a chance to deviate from your plan! You could be... spontaneous!! It would be like living a surprise!!

Don't like to make plans? Maybe things are not stable and reliable in your life... Fix them! Dependent on your parents' car? Get a bike! Or maybe you are surrounded by people that have a tendency to cancel in the last minute? Drop those people and stick to friends that actually care about you.


Assked me something?

Yesterday at the gym I was like yeaaahh I'm duh super STRONG, however I think that I am not necessarily stronger, but lighter.

I lost about 1 - 1,5 kg that priveous studious week. Right off my ass, thighs and hips. Overall it compliments me I think, except (!!) when this happens (I go up and down between exams) I'm always regretful about losing my ass...

I've been especially working on those gluteus muscles for the last six months. In theory this would be like adding muscle implants below the fat... so probably my bum would be even smaller if I hadn't! But right now I still have to wash all my pants to shrink them down...

I have an idea that I'm going to try, but I only have a week... being this skinny it might be possible to generate visible abs if I do excess sit-ups. Bendy and I are going to be "Amazon warriors" on Halloween, haha! We're shopping for costume making tomorrow :D anyways no I don't actually believe that one week is enough hehe



Dennis and I have been seeing each other for more than four years now, but we didn't become a "couple" in that sense until... hehe we're not sure. Somewhere along the way! So there's no set date for an "anniversary". Anyways I was inspired by a friend in my class and I made a cake.

It ways "M <3 D" hehehe. The cake was my first cake. Quite good. But I think Dollal was the one who liked it the most so we donated the rest to him... haha.


Edge of space

Are you following the Felix guy in his jump from "the edge of space"? Right now I am; he is at a height of 28200 meters. It's a stupid mission that does not prove anything new...


I checked a FB-invitation to this year's halloween party and what did I find... photos from last year... that I never saw. A number of photos were taken when Bendy and I decided to go up and dance on the stage (??), like the first photo here. Omgosh... the second photo I have no idea... this is so random... the rest I don't even want to talk about. Haha!



A few photos from yesterday!

My group (11) had a small get-together :D We met up at Belgium Beer Café for food and drinks and then we head out to Club Deep. It was crazy fun. Best group ever! Oh we really deserved going out after this week...

My biochemistry was good at 81%.



HA! Did this embarrassing thing ever happen to you..? I just closed the overly-packed backpack packed with pabulum when the lady says nemnemneeem - you have no money on your card!! Simultaneously I was phone-less as I accidently left my phone at home when I went to the gym so blablabla I did get my precious food  eventually but I also had do bike like a quasi-maniac to get home get money AND return before closing time (this was a short period of time). Now how stressful for being a nice afternoon!


I'm a mess. But I'm da bessss (link) hahaah.

I have never before been able to push my self like I did these last days, and especially last night. I needed the energy to stay up and studystudystudy and I did. I went to bed for one hour and then right back to stuying again. My hair right now? Loool. And my skin... =( my skin was clear for several weeks until now... But I passed the anatomy (Head and Neck) with 7/10.

Since I got home I've been chillaxing in the sun on the balcony. I haven't been to the gym in several days now so I'm really excited about going this evening!! After that me and Dennis (he also passed) are going to have some nice food and watch the new episode of Dexter :D

For my international readers/co-students --- How are we examined in anatomy at my university?

Mid term exams: The examinor lets you pick a card out of a pack, containing one of the regional topics of the module that we have studied. For instance now we studied Head and Neck which had 21 topics, one was "Muscles of the face and cranium". Then we are given 10 - 15 minutes of preparation time before we present our knowledge on a cadaver, i.e. a dead dissected person. Everything that we talk about, we must be able to show. Arteries, muscle insertions, nerves, anything. The teacher is allowed to ask any question within or outside the picked topic.

Our grades are given immediately upon the exam in scale of 1 - 10, where a 6 is "pass" and symbolises that you knew at least 60% of what was asked of you. If you get the grade 4 - 5, you earn a remedial exam which means you can take one new exam, completely independent of the first, within a few days. If you haven't passed by the end of the remedial exam this means that you will have to take that module in the final examination period.

Completing the course: In the second year anatomy course the rule is that you have to finish all modules before you can take the theoretical final exam (all of gross anatomy, histology and embryology). Altogether you have three chances (A, B, C). The exams must be taken in the same day, or for every day that you take some part of the exam, you spend your A, B then C chance. Those that fail have to re-take the second year of medical studies.



Nasty week

Woke up well rested at 13, gee. I am in need of a sleep-in because I won't probably sleep the night from Sunday to Monday. I have about 120 lecture slides left before the biochem test and then hmm at least 150 pages in the Moore. I will have "learned" everything at least once by then in anatomy.

Stressed, yes. Yesterday I felt like I was reading extreeemely slowly but I thought that at least I learn what I read... then I saw that I had read 24 pages in 3 hours! That is not too bad for being me. But it'd still be nice to speed up.

I will need a break for my ass today... and eyes. Should I go to the gym? Or will it make me too stressed... maybe I'll just go to SPAR and buy some milk?



I am hooked by this make up trend. So the other day... my choice was the Estée Lauder, pure colour "plum couture". Mom it was necessary! это было нужно!!

Oh I love iiiit!!



On Monday morning my group has a five hour long biochemistry lab; as we have a test (biochemistry) just an hour prior to this lab, I thought it to be a good idea to prepare for the lab already this Thursday evening. But now I have been preparing for two hours... these instructions are so maddening!! How am I supposed to know what significance ZnSO4 has in the reaction mixture if the information is provided exactly NOWHERE... gahh... wish I had an inborn understanding of chemistry...


Shape & progress

Can't be serious all the time when taking these photos hehe.

This is my... condition right now. No I haven't ever gone to the gym wearing a sports bra. I'd like to though, maybe if I go with my boyfriend... Anyways I'm definitely up for a little more muscle tone, but it requires increased effort and can I make time? Last week I made time for four sessions.

What I want is to be more fit, but my precise goal is diffuse. Actually I'm not sure how I wish to balance my tissues. More muscle or less fat, or both? Tone! But what is that exactly? I trial my way to it, it doesn't go wrong with normal food and exercise. The difficult part for me right now is to find that balance and stick to it, more or less. But I've realized that I probably need to put more time than I do now.

I know some of you think that I'm nuts, but we all have different beauty ideals and athletic is mine. Some prefer skinny or curvy or "natural" or say whichever; athletic is what I consider to be ultimate for me and is a lifestyle that I strive towards. Me I am very vain... I know. It's me and my brain and my choices. I think it's amazing how much we can actually shape our bodies to what we want, if we have such a desire.


The physiology test... was hard! I felt confident before the test but some questions were extremely tricky. I would say that I'm above 60% (pass) because I can't imagine that I would have more than 16/40 mistakes; however I know of 5 mistakes already... and the test was only on relation analysis and multiple choice... so yeah. Based on my previous experience with returned MC-tests I can't promise my self a satisfying result.

That is, I just had my first test in my second year of medical studies. Next up is Biochemistry (carbohydrates) on Monday and Anatomy (head and neck) on Thursday.

Update: I got 54%. Ugh. Disaster.