Shape & progress

Can't be serious all the time when taking these photos hehe.

This is my... condition right now. No I haven't ever gone to the gym wearing a sports bra. I'd like to though, maybe if I go with my boyfriend... Anyways I'm definitely up for a little more muscle tone, but it requires increased effort and can I make time? Last week I made time for four sessions.

What I want is to be more fit, but my precise goal is diffuse. Actually I'm not sure how I wish to balance my tissues. More muscle or less fat, or both? Tone! But what is that exactly? I trial my way to it, it doesn't go wrong with normal food and exercise. The difficult part for me right now is to find that balance and stick to it, more or less. But I've realized that I probably need to put more time than I do now.

I know some of you think that I'm nuts, but we all have different beauty ideals and athletic is mine. Some prefer skinny or curvy or "natural" or say whichever; athletic is what I consider to be ultimate for me and is a lifestyle that I strive towards. Me I am very vain... I know. It's me and my brain and my choices. I think it's amazing how much we can actually shape our bodies to what we want, if we have such a desire.

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