(always) ALMOST late

No matter how early I've been waking up in the mornings, this whole semester I have always ended up running to the Histology practicals... it's not a metaphor, literally running. Except for today!! I had time to walk the entire stretch and still arrive on time. My problem is (and has been my entire life) that I live too close to school.............

Naturally it's not possible for me to leave home on time and bring everything that I need during the day. Something was missing; happened to be my deodorant heeh.

Oh yesterday I had duck with mashed potatoes at Melange again, it's sooo good! It's probably my favourite dish from this part of Europe. It was Dennis treat thank you <3<3<3 He earned a full tuition fee reduction (scholarship) due to his high grade average from the priveous semester (5,00/5,00). Me I'm at exactly 4,00 (means I score 80% on average) which is not quite enough.

Becoming chilly here now! It's a bit tricky to get dressed because there's 0 degrees in the morning but then around 10 during the day. Nice weather today :D

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