Last evening was all about Halloween. We started out at Joakim's new apartment (so nice!! and thanks again!) where we played some games and then we went out to the official party. It was not very crowded when we got there half past twelve but within half an hour the place got full and it was a lot of fun!

I admit quite many did not figure out what I was dressed up as... but it was supposed to be "Amazon warrior", haha! Bendy abandoned our duo for "army girl". DIY! I made the costume out of a simple bodycon skirt, my old gym shorts and a really boring top using scissors, loose studs, nailpolish and a ruler. The top I like a lot! I kept it long (I just twisted and folded it up yesterday) because I definitely want to wear it. I made Bendy's top too =)

Oh and about my abs-project... not really huh! But there's already a noticable difference. I'll keep up with my excess sit-ups and you can read about my progress here... haha.

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