I'm a mess. But I'm da bessss (link) hahaah.

I have never before been able to push my self like I did these last days, and especially last night. I needed the energy to stay up and studystudystudy and I did. I went to bed for one hour and then right back to stuying again. My hair right now? Loool. And my skin... =( my skin was clear for several weeks until now... But I passed the anatomy (Head and Neck) with 7/10.

Since I got home I've been chillaxing in the sun on the balcony. I haven't been to the gym in several days now so I'm really excited about going this evening!! After that me and Dennis (he also passed) are going to have some nice food and watch the new episode of Dexter :D

For my international readers/co-students --- How are we examined in anatomy at my university?

Mid term exams: The examinor lets you pick a card out of a pack, containing one of the regional topics of the module that we have studied. For instance now we studied Head and Neck which had 21 topics, one was "Muscles of the face and cranium". Then we are given 10 - 15 minutes of preparation time before we present our knowledge on a cadaver, i.e. a dead dissected person. Everything that we talk about, we must be able to show. Arteries, muscle insertions, nerves, anything. The teacher is allowed to ask any question within or outside the picked topic.

Our grades are given immediately upon the exam in scale of 1 - 10, where a 6 is "pass" and symbolises that you knew at least 60% of what was asked of you. If you get the grade 4 - 5, you earn a remedial exam which means you can take one new exam, completely independent of the first, within a few days. If you haven't passed by the end of the remedial exam this means that you will have to take that module in the final examination period.

Completing the course: In the second year anatomy course the rule is that you have to finish all modules before you can take the theoretical final exam (all of gross anatomy, histology and embryology). Altogether you have three chances (A, B, C). The exams must be taken in the same day, or for every day that you take some part of the exam, you spend your A, B then C chance. Those that fail have to re-take the second year of medical studies.

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