DIY home spa hair mask!

1. The organic formula that will make your hair soft and shiny!

I use honey, virgin olive oil and pomegranate juice. Honey and olive oil are the important ingredients here! The pomegranate juice contains more Vitamin C (an antioxidant) than any other fruit; I add it to condition my scalp. I add honey and oil in about a 1:1 ratio, then I squeeze a few grams of pomegranade with a garlic press right in to the mixture. Adjusting the proportions is fine it will still be a great mask for your hair =)

If you have platina/strongly bleached hair I suggest to skip the pomegranate as is is very pigmented and maybe could stain your chemically treated hair!?

Note that honey contains traces of peroxide and will slightly bleach your hair after sequential use of this formula since peroxide lyses melanine - the pigment in your hair.

2: Hair with no products or chemicals in it! I put the formula in unwashed second day hair.

3. Materials: formula, a spray thingy, comb, plastic bag, two elastic bands and maybe a few bobby pins.

First thing to do - you want damp hair! It will facilitate the application and increase efficiency of the formula. So spray your entire hair lightly with water. I use boiled (cool) water from the kettle because I don't want to stick excess calcium and chloride (etcetc) to my hair...

Comb your hair to avoid tangling! Then start adding the formula. I use my hand but I think a hair dye brush would be more convenient. Start by rubbing the formula all over your scalp and then work towards your ends. Your hair should be soaked! If you have long hair like me you may start to run out of formula before all ends are covered - if this happens I simply add more olive oil.

Wrap your sticky hair into a bun and tie it with the first elastic band. Spray some more water to the hair as it will already have started to dry, we want to keep it moist to increase the diffusion rate of the formula. Also spray a little water in your plastic bag.

Put the plastic bag on your head, empty the air. The excess plastic I like to twist and wrap around my bun. Use the second elastic band to secure the plastic on your head. If needed also use bobby pins to prevent the plastic from migrating.

Wear for at least 45 minutes if you want a nourishing effect! There's no point in wearing a hair mask for a shorter time as there will be no time for proper diffusion of the ingredients. If you desire to use this formula to bleach your hair you want to keep the formula in for several hours. I usually keep it in for five hours. The darker hair you have the more sessions will be required for you to see the diffrerence. My boyfriend noticed that my hair was lighter after a month (5 sessions) =)

The bleaching by honey is irreversible, as is bleaching by any method, because you are basically deleting the pigmentation of your hair. The outgrowing hair will have your natural colour. You can let the natural peroxide bleach your hair with absolutely minimum damage at the same time as you deep condition your hair. Love iiit.

Rinse the formula out using hot water. If you don't use hot water it will be difficult to remove all the oil and sugar. I don't recommend using your regular schampoo like you usually do, it will decrease the effect of the formula and add stress to your scalp. Use only a little bit of shampoo and then a much bigger amount of your hair conditioner (balsam). The ingredients of a conditioner is enough to dissolve excess sugar and oil. But it takes a longer time, rub thoroughly and probably twice.

This formula is also good to treat a dry scalp. If you have a dry scalp I really recommend to include the pomegranate or the juice of another antioxidant rich fruit, the ascorbic acid in the fruit is good against different fungi which are sometimes the cause of a dry scalp! If you have very oily hair I suggest to increase the ratio of honey : oil, but it is actually a good idea to treat an oily scalp with a little oil =)


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