Drop it!!

Spontaniety. A social trend. Did you notice? A spontaneous person is fun! Agree, yes?

I agree it is fun to be spontaneous. Also I agree that spontaneous acts may contribute positively to one's impression of a character (person) and make him/her more interesting. I am no exception... It is currently so likeable to be spontaneous that people want to be percieved as spontaneous individuals.

People like to say things as: "I went to Budapest but I didn't have any specific plans in mind because I like to be spontaneous." I understand that this is what people like to say but the unfortunate truth is that you cannot force spontaniety. The core of spontaniety is suddenness and act due to impulse.

Conclusion: Spontaniety cannot be foreseen and you can't promote it!

You can arrive in Budapest and start to walk around and go with the flow and see what happens. But then you do have a plan, which is to go with the flow. What you are promoting is last minute desicions...

"So as a person do you make plans or are you spontaneous?" No! I'm sorry but your sentence is invalid! Making plans is not the opposite of being spontaneous! The opposite of making plans it to not make plans!

But still we really like to be spontaneous =( how can we solve this dilemma? I say, use Marias' tip of the day!

How to be spontaneous, EXTRAEXRTRA: this tip does not include pretentiousness or the feeling of insecurity that may arise from not being able to make plans in order to be spontaneous:

- Make a plan! Who knows, while executing your plan, you might actually get something done. AND while doing what is in your plan, something that you didn't plan could emerge out of the nowhere and suddenly you have a chance to deviate from your plan! You could be... spontaneous!! It would be like living a surprise!!

Don't like to make plans? Maybe things are not stable and reliable in your life... Fix them! Dependent on your parents' car? Get a bike! Or maybe you are surrounded by people that have a tendency to cancel in the last minute? Drop those people and stick to friends that actually care about you.

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