Assked me something?

Yesterday at the gym I was like yeaaahh I'm duh super STRONG, however I think that I am not necessarily stronger, but lighter.

I lost about 1 - 1,5 kg that priveous studious week. Right off my ass, thighs and hips. Overall it compliments me I think, except (!!) when this happens (I go up and down between exams) I'm always regretful about losing my ass...

I've been especially working on those gluteus muscles for the last six months. In theory this would be like adding muscle implants below the fat... so probably my bum would be even smaller if I hadn't! But right now I still have to wash all my pants to shrink them down...

I have an idea that I'm going to try, but I only have a week... being this skinny it might be possible to generate visible abs if I do excess sit-ups. Bendy and I are going to be "Amazon warriors" on Halloween, haha! We're shopping for costume making tomorrow :D anyways no I don't actually believe that one week is enough hehe

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