Officially.. part of a four member research group at the department of Immunology. Wiiiiiii! Starting my lab training tomorrow, along with two weeks of internal medicine practice at cardiology.


Pff thanks camera flash, erasing all of my hard work...

Had quite a stressful week and ate a bit of myself. That's how it works for me, and it happens really fast too. I usually return home to Sweden 1 - 2 kg lighter after an exam period :S

Lame week -
Mon: Muay Thai
Tue: nothing
Wed: nothing
Thu: nothing
Fri: Gym
Sat: nothing
Sun: Gym



We worked our ears off, trying to figure out what language the choir was singing in. Certainly something slavic... but what could it be...

Eventually "IVAN!" gave it all away. Russian - in the way that Russian sounds when a Hungarian choir reads completely unknown words written with roman letters. Very interesting interpretation, and once realised, very amusing aswell :)) Anyways it was a nice concert.

Tell me, how can pizza at Vesuvio be sooo amazing at the restaurant, yet show up to the door upon home delivery, as a rubbery piece of burned mess!? Anyone else in Debrecen experiencing this phenomenon?


Double M!

The Cave bath was pretty close to what I expected; quite clean, not too big and nice but not super nice. Not as crowded as I feared(!), but left me once again reminded of how hard Hungarians go on PDA (Public Display of Affection). Thus, climbing on eachother and making out in front of absolutely everyone, everywhere. We don't do that in Sweden so it's a bit overwhelming for me... the owner should name one of their darker rooms something like "The pregnancy room" just to make it official and perhaps/hopefully attract a greater part of the animalistic visitors to over-there.



Crazy week! Learned a lot during practice and have really been enjoying obstetrics and gynaecology!

Injured my hand a bit (wound) during Monday's thaiboxing so I haven't been to gym for the whole week. Let it be a cardio week... probably good for muscle growth too.

I've also been to a classical concert and had my first massage ever! Wait I've had massage okay, just haven't paid for it to be done before hehe.

Tomorrow I will be off to Miskolc (small city about an hour away from Debrecen) to visit their infamous "Cave bath". I read a lot of good reviews about this place, however almost all also stated... don't go on a Saturday... which is tomorrow... so we shall see.

Good night!



Had three exams whis week, luckily not a single one in the coming one. Haven't fully grasped it yet, but the semester is over for us in 4th year. We're starting 120 hours of block practice from tomorrow. I have two weeks in Obstetrics & Gyn. and two weeks in Cardiology (internal medicine).

My week... in exercise:

Mon: Gym
Tue: 2,8 km run + gym
Wed: Muay Thai
Thu: Gym
Fri: nothing
Sun: Gym?


Proof to self..

Lost both my phone, and my lipstick, within 15 minutes. Don't know how. Proof, = very. Danced a lot. Somehow. Somehow... managed to get hold of both. I have both with me again. It's not even fair how well that went... !!

Had the best time, thank you everyone. Goodnight Vanessa!



Only had a single class today, niice. Just got back home from the gym, a posterior-everything session. My whole back, triceps and hamstrings.

Wore this cute blouse today... that my mother has sewn for me!! Spasibo mam <3


A sentence from the material for tomorrow's exam:

Length Bias -
Could lead to an erroneous conclusion
that screening reduced mortality when the
observed differences in mortality resulted
from the disproportionate detection less
aggressive disease among screened patients

Thanks medschool..



Took a break with Maria last night and went to this small bar "Incognito" (lives up to the name) where some of her classmates performed live arabic music.

There's about 40 more hours until the upcoming exam and I haven't finished the lectures yet... But I should be able to make this work...



Yesss! Felt exhausted this afternoon but Dennis and I took a nap and still went to gym and pushed it, very satisfying.

Got reminded today how hard it is to study with a lack of sleep... it's simply worth every minute, to go to bed on time and get proper rest. This night's sleep was short and poor and shamelessly included a nightmare too. Arrived late to the surgery lecture and noticed promptly that I had over-dressed for the day... the weather became lovely and even reached 24 degrees... Managed to cover a couple of lectures in preventive medicine in between classes, but still have more than 30 to go before the pre-final exam that's coming up on Tuesday next week. Sooo that's gonna be my weekend right there.

Photo from yesterday after my 10 minute home-workout with Dennis as my PT #datPT



Since there's no darker colour

Ah-ha, I still have a tiny bit of tan left from the summer. Went straight to gym after the exam tonight (dietetics) and had the best session! Focused on shoulders and triceps and finished with squats. I insist there is a post-exam superpower lurking inside of every student. Few things spur you as much as minor accomplishments...

When I think of it, today overall has been a very nice day. We even had 20 degrees celcius down here, not bad for 5th November or what say you!?


More cardio to the people

The more I study, the more do I realise that I have to put effort into cardiac training. Although gym/lifting weights is great and gives you numerous health benefits, it may have negative effects on the heart. Of course the negative applies more to extreme cases, with a lot of lifting and very heavy weights, but with the emerging gym & fitness trend I think this is something to think about. You get a big, strong body with a relatively weak heart. It's not trained to the same extent. In the long run, lifting heavy weights contributes to pressure overload of the heart muscle which can succesively lead to an enlarged, dilated heart and ultimately cardiac failure.

"Cardio" on the other hand, strengthens the heart muscle and promotes extensive blood vessel formation to compensate for the new, larger heart size. There's no simpler "medicine" to keep the circulatory system healthy. My personal thought on this is that weight lifting should not be dangerous with combined cardiac training...

This morning my resting pulse was 47 beats per minute and I give all credit to my more frequent, occasional running and Muay Thai! I didn't do serious cardiac training for a long time after my knee surgery and my pulse was always between 60 - 70 beats per minute. The resting pulse rate decreases with cardiac training because as the heart gets stronger, it doesn't have to pump as often to circulate the same amount of blood through the body.

To oppose what I just promoted a bit, below is my week in exercise! I both squatted and deadlifted 50 kilos, not that much maybe, but my personal best so far and I'm very happy. An excellent week workout-wise, except of course that I would have liked to do more cardio.

Sun: Gym
Mon: Gym
Tue: Gym
Wed: Muay Thai
Fri: Gym
Sat: Gym
Sun: Rest?


Le effort - a cat. Leopard perhaps!

Before the party we saw the new Dracula movie at Cinema. I remember how I loved Man of Steel due to some eyecandy factor and I have a feeling this movie might have been absolutely amazing for a similar reason. I mean, I can understand why it was only rated 6/10 on IMDB, some things in there are exaggerated or simply don't make sense... But it was the most enjoyable move that I've seen this year. I would watch it again right now.

BY THE WAY Friday night was hilarious.