Oh honey!

New favourite: Oh honey! pro longwear lipliner from MAC. A matte nude with a peachy undertone, me love.

It was very windy today so I barely went outside, or really moved at all heh. Found some time for a selfie instead. How Swedish did I look today, on a scale of 1 - 10? Going to type some thesis now and go to bed.


Perfect day

Spa night

Hello from crayfish! Mom and I had a spa night. Sauna, facial scrub with badyaga (you can see the red border of the scrub on my chest, haha) and a glass of red wine. So nice and quiet out here on the countryside.

Badyaga is powdered spongila sea sponge, you rub it on your skin and tiny neddle-like fragments get stuck in it. As the body is unable to get rid of these needles, the affected skin is gotten rid of instead which usually takes 4 - 7 days (until the affected skin peels off). As you see this treatment increases the circulation locally, seemingly the inflicted damage brings nutrients to the skin and initiates repair. I do this scrub about once a month and it really improves the apperance of my skin which otherwise isn't always the best. Sooo if you come across spongila powder, I suggest you try it out! This particular one was bought in a pharmacy in Moscow.



Hey wassap!

I'm taking the tram to the trainstation in 20 minutes, because I'm going home to Sweden over easter!! YEES. So happy.

Very exhausted today from 1. thaiboxing on Monday, 2. my gym session yesterday. I'm not particularly sore, it's more like I don't want to walk anywhere because my muscles are so tired. Was feeling I'm-strong-yehyeh yesterday and hung 5 kg around my waist during my dips, did 5 sets x 12 reps and wow, that really finished me. Could barely hold the bar during stiff legged deadlifts after.

Also just want to say, oh my goodness, check this video out. You don't need a gym to get a good workout. Tomorrow (when I'll be at the countryside iiih) I'm going to pick around 10 exercises from this video and do three rounds of each.


You know what I'm sayin'

Who else only wear 1/3 of all clothes that you own because ironing was invented by the devil?

Leave the house without mascara by mistake, after putting on eyeliner or eyeshadow, because ??

Always wake up without pyjamas, even after going to bed in pyjamas?

Feel massively victorious after throwing uncomfortable underwear into the trash?

Anyone else can't help repeating who-cares-sentences at least once because no one commented the first time you said it?

Can't watch a movie without accusing things of being unrealistic?

Who else like to smell everything in this world because it's cosy, particularly other people's candy and make up?

Sit down by the computer to send an important email but end up online shopping, reading blogs and instragram without even checking the mailbox...?

Is always late in the morning, because no matter how much time there was from the beginning, just somehow you spend 90% of it on breakfast?

... Anyone else?



Aaaa OK, it's time to start studying. Just how, is the question. Can anyone remember what it's like to study? My schedule is absolutely insane... I only have classes on Thursdays and Friays. Yes!! That is it. Yet I have no power to study. It's ridiculous.

We have a lot of fun things coming up so I better remember how to be a good student real quick if I want to be able to enjoy that.

I did have a nice weekend..!


White and yellow

Almost recovered now but not exercising yet... Maybe tomorrow!? Can't waaait! And the swimming pool (sport uszoda) is finally open again, yay!

Story of the photo: I wanted to take a photo of us and set the self-timer to 10 seconds. He told me that I should "cling onto him" so I hurried to do that and elbowed his neck doing so, of course, upon which the camera snapped this photo.


Buda Buda Budapest

Feeling better after three days with 39 degrees fever. So much better that I want to dance in my neighbors apparment. Hopefully the worst is over now... Whatever I have it broke loose in Budapest this weekend when I was there with the girls. We all woke up freezing in the middle of the night because the heating had turned off completely... my lungs started feeling itchy and I got really bad on the following day and travelled home alone... so that could have ended happier but I had a lovely time until then.

I secretly hope that I have influensa. Would be nice to have that over with for a couple of years ahead. Pics from the weekend :)


Ignorant bastards

You know this thought, that, does anything really matter? Does it really matter if I do this or that, if that thing happens, if it becomes like this or that, does it really matter? We're all dead in 100 years and someone else is going to walk where we walk today. And eventually everything will be gone anyways. Every book and every song written, every thought that was preserved, every deed - will be gone, as if it was undone and never existed.

Sometimes I feel like nothing really matters, except for recycling. Recycling matters. We shouldn't be allowed to buy and own things if we are not ready to recycle them. That's the least we can give back to our planet. People just consume and consume and throw things away, without any responsibility, creating these massive piles of infinite crap that is going to take billions of years to break down, poisoning eveything alive until the day that nothing exists anymore. Garbage is EVERY individual's responsibility and nowadays recycling plastic, paper and glass is EASY. At least in Europe. Make that tiny piece of effort you ignorant non-recycling bastards.

I have a pair of pink nike tights that are made of 10 recycled PET-bottles. Apart from the fact that I'm technically wearing plastic (which polyester is... which is why I generally hate polyester) this is freaking awesome. I will be wearing them to gym. Right now. Take care and fucking recycle.



Tried to go swimming after the forensics class today but the pool was closed, for the second time in a row. Now it wont open again until 14th of March due to maintenance. Boo! Luckily this lead to my first outdoor run this year. Oh my, what a feeling! The weather was perfect, sunny and chilly and I didn't feel neither cold nor overheated. Moved 8,5km altogether of which 7 was mixed-speed running including intervals and jogging. Felt ALIVE.



A photo of my sweaty butt after cardio this Sunday.

I've been convinced to try out a class in MMA, so me and Eleni are going there tomorrow or on Sunday. I've missed Thaiboxing a lot... might go there now and then if the class is nice. I really miss thaiboxing because it's a great workout and it makes me feel better about myself to know some self-defense. So looking forward to that!

Past week in exercise:
Tuesday: still felt a bit sick
Wednesday: triceps, quads/glutes, abs
Thursday: shoulders, hamstrings, abs
Friday: (conference-day)
Saturday: chest, hamstrings, abs
Sunday: biceps, 40 minutes running
Monday: triceps, quads/glutes, abs
Tuesday: Rest

Next up at the gym is a full back day, back would have been my previous workout if it wasn't for those biceps on the day before. Back and biceps kind of overlap and I was very sore tihiii.


Basically, the conference was also a competition between students doing research, and I won 2nd place in my group :))) Immunology, Microbiology and something. I understood that I had a chance after the presentation which took place in the morning, because it went pretty good - much better than last time. Moon (korean girl) won the first place which I think she really deserved. She is probably the best student at the University, and nice too.

I CRASHED at 22.30 that night and slept like a tree, or a forest, or something. Then had a lovely weekend full with exercise and friends. Could it get any better!?