You know what I'm sayin'

Who else only wear 1/3 of all clothes that you own because ironing was invented by the devil?

Leave the house without mascara by mistake, after putting on eyeliner or eyeshadow, because ??

Always wake up without pyjamas, even after going to bed in pyjamas?

Feel massively victorious after throwing uncomfortable underwear into the trash?

Anyone else can't help repeating who-cares-sentences at least once because no one commented the first time you said it?

Can't watch a movie without accusing things of being unrealistic?

Who else like to smell everything in this world because it's cosy, particularly other people's candy and make up?

Sit down by the computer to send an important email but end up online shopping, reading blogs and instragram without even checking the mailbox...?

Is always late in the morning, because no matter how much time there was from the beginning, just somehow you spend 90% of it on breakfast?

... Anyone else?

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