A photo of my sweaty butt after cardio this Sunday.

I've been convinced to try out a class in MMA, so me and Eleni are going there tomorrow or on Sunday. I've missed Thaiboxing a lot... might go there now and then if the class is nice. I really miss thaiboxing because it's a great workout and it makes me feel better about myself to know some self-defense. So looking forward to that!

Past week in exercise:
Tuesday: still felt a bit sick
Wednesday: triceps, quads/glutes, abs
Thursday: shoulders, hamstrings, abs
Friday: (conference-day)
Saturday: chest, hamstrings, abs
Sunday: biceps, 40 minutes running
Monday: triceps, quads/glutes, abs
Tuesday: Rest

Next up at the gym is a full back day, back would have been my previous workout if it wasn't for those biceps on the day before. Back and biceps kind of overlap and I was very sore tihiii.

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