Spa night

Hello from crayfish! Mom and I had a spa night. Sauna, facial scrub with badyaga (you can see the red border of the scrub on my chest, haha) and a glass of red wine. So nice and quiet out here on the countryside.

Badyaga is powdered spongila sea sponge, you rub it on your skin and tiny neddle-like fragments get stuck in it. As the body is unable to get rid of these needles, the affected skin is gotten rid of instead which usually takes 4 - 7 days (until the affected skin peels off). As you see this treatment increases the circulation locally, seemingly the inflicted damage brings nutrients to the skin and initiates repair. I do this scrub about once a month and it really improves the apperance of my skin which otherwise isn't always the best. Sooo if you come across spongila powder, I suggest you try it out! This particular one was bought in a pharmacy in Moscow.

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