Ignorant bastards

You know this thought, that, does anything really matter? Does it really matter if I do this or that, if that thing happens, if it becomes like this or that, does it really matter? We're all dead in 100 years and someone else is going to walk where we walk today. And eventually everything will be gone anyways. Every book and every song written, every thought that was preserved, every deed - will be gone, as if it was undone and never existed.

Sometimes I feel like nothing really matters, except for recycling. Recycling matters. We shouldn't be allowed to buy and own things if we are not ready to recycle them. That's the least we can give back to our planet. People just consume and consume and throw things away, without any responsibility, creating these massive piles of infinite crap that is going to take billions of years to break down, poisoning eveything alive until the day that nothing exists anymore. Garbage is EVERY individual's responsibility and nowadays recycling plastic, paper and glass is EASY. At least in Europe. Make that tiny piece of effort you ignorant non-recycling bastards.

I have a pair of pink nike tights that are made of 10 recycled PET-bottles. Apart from the fact that I'm technically wearing plastic (which polyester is... which is why I generally hate polyester) this is freaking awesome. I will be wearing them to gym. Right now. Take care and fucking recycle.

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