Some week ago I was asked how old I am and I answered 21. But I'm 22!! How, what!?!

These are pictures from Friday when we celerbrated Bendy's 21st birthday! Dennis family arrived later that night and are staying here for four days. Nice :) Not able to join in so much though since I'm taking pathology next Friday...


Playing doctor

Goodness on earth, I had a good study day! How often can I admit such a thing!!

But what a disaster during yesterday's Thaiboxing. The training was intense and I was breathing heavily, then at some point I started feeling like I was breathing but I could not get air. A bit dizzy, thought that I must have low bloodpressure. Then felt tightness and pain over my chest. I stopped so I could breathe some more. Dizziness worsened and paresthesia appeared in my legs and hands, upon which I sat down. Paresthesia lasted for some 20 minutes. Tried to calm down until I felt ready to go home. Calves were extremely sore when I got up.

Any qualified guesses colleagues?

Hyperventilation syndrome. I was breathing heavily because the training was intense, then did the mistake of forcefully breathing when I felt like I wasn't getting any air. My blood became increasingly oversaturated with oxygen, making the pH of my blood alcalic which increased the afficity of Oxygen to haemoglobin. Thus, even with more oxygen in the blood, less was able to leave my blood to enter tissues. "Chest pain" from that and paresthesia due to altered fireing of the nervous system. Restored upon normalization of blood carbondioxide and pH. Sore calves due to high metabolic demand and lots of anaerobic glycolysis.

Should have: breathed per automaticity; not forced, drunk more fluid during the day.

Hyperventilation syndrome because it fits perfectly and because it would be weird if I never noticed a heart problem before :P


Inläggets rubrik?

PERFECT weather! 32 degrees, sunny yet cloudy, cool wind. A lot of the latter. Ahhh!!

Shitty study day but .. anyways. Here are some pictures from when I was biking about in Debrecen for various errands today. I think we need some rain soon (based on the current state of grass)...


A bit better

Mon: ?
Tue: Gym
Wed: Muay Thai
Thur: rest
Fri: 8 km run
Sat: nothing
Sun (today): 6 km run

So today ran at the stadium with Vanessa and Maria. Ran my sixth kilometer in 4.59 minutes, which felt amazing because I was in that kind of mode where you can run endlessly. When I think of keeping that pace for 10 kilometers however, I feel like.. oh shit. Will I be able to? That would make me super proud of myself haha. Although 10k x 5 minutes = 50 minutes, which does not sound too impressive.. xD

Black )

Had a dinner with Bendy and Sonia the other day. Such a nice day!! Not like yesterday... things did not cooperate yesterday... perhaps bad sleep was the villain in that drama...


Tough stuff

So much ENVY of those who already finished their pathology exam. I covered about a 4th of the material so far and my exam is in exactly two weeks.

I'm going to the Muay Thai practice tonight but after that I will be taking a break from it, probably until September. It's important for me to be 100% in control of my training hours right now in order to not become overly-stressed. When I feel like Now is when I want to train, is when I will do it. Strength training and running is flexible in that way.



Great!! I'm going to prepare to run 10k in Debrecen, in September. Vanessa's idea and I like it! Dennis will train for it too.

Mon: short Muay Thai
Tue: gym
Wed: Muay Thai
Thu: rest
Fri: 6,0 km run (track)
Sat: nothing
Sun: 6,0 km run (stadium) + gym


Inefficient EXTREME

Did ONE topic today. Saw a long, sad movie at the cinema. ONE topic... and not even a little gym. And even weirder is that I'm sleepy!


One thing at the time

Got a 4 in Internal Medicine (Immunology & Rheumatology) as well. Dennis got a 5! :)

Started the morning 8.30 today for a run at the 400m track. I timed every 2nd lap which was one minute less than one lap at the stadium, which I thought was 800m. Either the round about the stadium is longer or the ups-and-downs slow me down significantly :P today I ran 6 kilometers.

As soon as I finish my breakfast I'm heading to the library to study there aaall day. I'm taking 20 days for pathology which is my next exam. Feels super to have finished 2/4 exams so far.

Life is good, could not ask for more.



Whoa there! All good. Got a 4 in clinical biochem...

Had a really nice weekend but now I have to try and focus on internal medicine so that I can get it off my shoulders.

Tomorrow morning going for another run though :)

Sun: 4,8 km run
Mon: gym
Tue: nothing
Wed: nothing
Thu: nothing
Fri: gym
Sat: gym
Sun: run?



Sore in my whole lower body, all the way from below the ribs. Niiice. Sunday morning - visited the running track at the new stadium with Vanessa and Maria (L.). The track isn't completed but so far it offers a lap of about 0,8 km. I really like that it runs literally up on the building complex, because Debrecen is super flat!! Now there's a track with some variation in height, not far from Uni! Which is close to my house!

Ran 4,8 km and it took me 33 minutes, hehe.

Had fun, a good meal, a great study session. A DAMN PLEASANT SUNDAY.

Had a late upper body session at the gym tonight, not the best... low blood pressure and felt tired. Happens sometimes. Planning a STUDY DAY for tomorrow, a.k.a. REST and REVISION and a little bit of birthday dinner at Melange.