Playing doctor

Goodness on earth, I had a good study day! How often can I admit such a thing!!

But what a disaster during yesterday's Thaiboxing. The training was intense and I was breathing heavily, then at some point I started feeling like I was breathing but I could not get air. A bit dizzy, thought that I must have low bloodpressure. Then felt tightness and pain over my chest. I stopped so I could breathe some more. Dizziness worsened and paresthesia appeared in my legs and hands, upon which I sat down. Paresthesia lasted for some 20 minutes. Tried to calm down until I felt ready to go home. Calves were extremely sore when I got up.

Any qualified guesses colleagues?

Hyperventilation syndrome. I was breathing heavily because the training was intense, then did the mistake of forcefully breathing when I felt like I wasn't getting any air. My blood became increasingly oversaturated with oxygen, making the pH of my blood alcalic which increased the afficity of Oxygen to haemoglobin. Thus, even with more oxygen in the blood, less was able to leave my blood to enter tissues. "Chest pain" from that and paresthesia due to altered fireing of the nervous system. Restored upon normalization of blood carbondioxide and pH. Sore calves due to high metabolic demand and lots of anaerobic glycolysis.

Should have: breathed per automaticity; not forced, drunk more fluid during the day.

Hyperventilation syndrome because it fits perfectly and because it would be weird if I never noticed a heart problem before :P

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