Tough stuff

So much ENVY of those who already finished their pathology exam. I covered about a 4th of the material so far and my exam is in exactly two weeks.

I'm going to the Muay Thai practice tonight but after that I will be taking a break from it, probably until September. It's important for me to be 100% in control of my training hours right now in order to not become overly-stressed. When I feel like Now is when I want to train, is when I will do it. Strength training and running is flexible in that way.


  1. hi i am a soon to be first year med student at your school and i found it very comforting to know you have a blog like this concerning things to expect :)
    However i was wondering if you could give me a detailed response on how to basically survive the first year :)?
    I am a 17 year old girl from a canadian university so this will be a big step for me and i would like to be prepared :) Thank you so much

    1. Hi! haha how to survive the first year... well I can give you some advice and apply what you like of it :)
      - it's worth it to study well before the "self controls" = mid term exams. you will be exempted from those parts in the final exams ->> this is worth everything, especially in first year when the university is new to you and extra stressful.
      - a lot of classmates will party every weekend, most of these will not do well. you must definitely have fun, but I don't recommend going out every weekend.
      - get a good night sleep and go to the morning lectures. if you are able to listen to the lectures, the material will sink in faster!
      - be active in the seminars, these deal with the same material as in the lectures, that will be on the test
      - stay positive and don't freak out. yes a lot of people fail first year, but remember how many got through it. it is very very very possible to do well in first year.
      - write down material that is confusing to you and ask your teacher after the next seminar, they are happy to explain.
      - find some workout/sport that you like. research shows that active students perform better academically

      - don't buy books for every subject! you don't need them!
      - 2nd semester and onward; when you get a book, get the short version
      - don't take it personal if a teacher is rude to you
      - if you're smart and disciplined you will make it!
      - it is cheaper to rent an appartment than staying in eg. auguszta

      you can always ask me if you have more questions :)


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