Sore in my whole lower body, all the way from below the ribs. Niiice. Sunday morning - visited the running track at the new stadium with Vanessa and Maria (L.). The track isn't completed but so far it offers a lap of about 0,8 km. I really like that it runs literally up on the building complex, because Debrecen is super flat!! Now there's a track with some variation in height, not far from Uni! Which is close to my house!

Ran 4,8 km and it took me 33 minutes, hehe.

Had fun, a good meal, a great study session. A DAMN PLEASANT SUNDAY.

Had a late upper body session at the gym tonight, not the best... low blood pressure and felt tired. Happens sometimes. Planning a STUDY DAY for tomorrow, a.k.a. REST and REVISION and a little bit of birthday dinner at Melange.

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