Feeling the pressure

I've been experiencing... powerful... sneezes. Yes my sneezings have really been putting effort into themselves.

After I woke up today I fell asleep again... wait, there's more to it... I had a dream that I was back home in Sweden and that there was a dinosaur outside the bathroom window. Some sort of spinosaurus, but without the chinese windpuffer... gold and orange, beautiful. Anyways I happily realised I was in a dream and took the opportunity to control what I did. I broke off a thumb from the dragon (slight alteration) to investigate my abilities, after which it went away... I jumped out of the window and landed perfectly, ignored Jasmine and began to run. I ran so fast! Then desperately tried to fly but it really, really didn't work. I could feel how I was simply unable to.

I learned that I have to believe more in myself... yes somehow I learned that.

Googled "windpuffer" and there is actually a word as such, related to the distal limbs of horses.


  1. Hi , I just wanted to find out what its like stufying in hungary in particular debrecen. Thanks

  2. Hi! sorry I didn't see your post until now. I have a lot to say really, but I'm revising for a big exam so I'll give you a quick reply. If you have further questions, hit me, I'll reply after my exam (thursday). Currently I'm in "general medicine" 3rd year and I love it here! Education is good, nice climate, student friendly city. Food and living is really cheap. Some cons? Hungarians are bad at English in general and Hungarian as a language is hard to learn. Staff at Uni speak English though! Oh and there's a loot to study, many students don't make it through the first two years here. My class had decreased by almost 50% when I started 3rd year. But! If you're smart, disciplined and fluent in English, no doubt you will do well :)

  3. Thanks for the information :) . I might be coming this september , I got a conditional offer but it depends on how my exam and interview go. Btw nice blog

    1. Nice. before I did the interview I was provided with some notes from the university, on the material that would be asked. make sure you know what is in those and you will def do well :)


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