Who says that PMS does not exist? I am not normal, and can say with certainty that I'm having my period in 4 - 5 days.

Three good things about PMS:
1. When you're angry people get scared of you and retreat, THEN return with the purpose to make you happy.
2. When you're sad you are full of self-pity, yet heartbroken for everyone else. Any story is touching and weeping is out of control. People start bothering you with anything that could make you smile.
3. When you're happy, you are VERY happy. There's LOVE and life can only be defined as pure beauty. I want to cuddle in this sofa forever... <333

Once I (accidentally) ate Dennis last quarter of a Magyáros pizza. When he discovered that his last pizza was gone, I started laughing hysterically at my deed. Had to lean towards a wall for support. Then I realised that Dennis could be mad about it, started sliding down along the wall into a sitting position, crying. Not sure if it was a strategic move or if I was truly sad... but I wept. A lot.

It is unfortunate that PMS only lasts for a few hours per month.

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