Unleash the lion

How do you like my boxing gloves? I'm in love. Having a chill week with little to do; few obligatory duties with a deadline, that is. I've had internal medicine block practice in the mornings and completely free afternoons.

A local photographer contacted me over Instagram today regarding a fitness/running photoshoot and I've agreed to one, provided that it will be outdoors at one of the locations he suggested, and not on an exam day. So we will see about that.

Past week in exercise:
Tue: Gym (chest, various leg exercises, abs)
Wed: Thaiboxing
Thu: Gym (back, deadlifts)
Fri: Gym (triceps, butt, abs)
Sat: Rest
Sun: Thaiboxing
Mon: Gym (biceps, hamstrings) + thaiboxing
Tue: Rest

Shoulders, abs and some running is up next. Tomorrow is also Vanessa's birthday! And I'm so up for partying tihii. I should go to bed at this hour, but instead I'm having a chocolate muffin, herbal tea and that Game of Thrones episode ready. Practice starts at 8 so there is a chance that I will regret it tomorrow...



Oh my goodness. I LOVE International food day. This is just the best day of the year. Palestine won the competition, I never got to try their food so my personal winner was Nigeria. Yuuuum. Dennis got a bit crazy over the food and ran around all over the place, I had to look around for him quite a lot... luckily we were not the only ones who went to food day.



Pics from my ONLY gymsession last week. I had four exams last week (one on Wednesday and three on Friday) and just could not make it for more than that. So I had a lot excess of energy tonight at the thaiboxing class, haha. Feeling gooood by now, sitting here typing at the sofa. On Wednesday I have another exam so I think no gym for me tomorrow, or... we will see... and then thaiboxing on Wednesday evening again.


Oh my goodness. I can't believe this is us. Every year seeing 5th-years posting their white coat photos prior to graduation and... now it's us. 1 year till graduation... but I'm already feeling nostalgic for leaving.


Men man kan inte tänka så

A few pics from my phone from this afternoon. Jaa as you see I'm having a maxiskirt theme going on. I love maxi because it's feminine, sexy but also classy and reserved at the same time. And so comfy! Wrote the pediatrics prefinal today which was way easy... I wish I studied more for my other exams instead, haha... men man kan inte tänka så!! I have two more prefinals on Friday aaand... For oncology I'm not prepared at all. I just postponed it for too long until this day. With psychiatry I'm OK, but have to go through everything once more. Sooo. That's that!

Found out today that I got a job as doctor's assistant at the hospital in Eskilstuna this summer. Wihoo! Just what I wanted. I've also been accepted for psychiatry and pediatrics practice in Finland (Jakobstad) in the coming fall, so those are planned for now. Feels good.


Damn caprese, ultimate edition

Lately I've been kind of obsessed by the Caprese salad at Bonita. But I can't order from Bonita every single day to get my fix, so I'm making my own damned Caprese salad 2,0.

Why is it so hard to take nice photos of food?? Anyhow, CONTENT:
Iceberg lettuce - because high in fibre, creating an osmotic gradient in the intestines
Tomato - because I love tomato more than anything
Cucumber - yummy and full of vitamins
Olives - rich in omega 3 and salty (substitute for salt)
Garlic - because it's awesome in so many ways
Mozzarella - 20% protein and yummy
Lineseed oil (dressing) - 58% omega 3
Red wine vinegar (dressing) - because I love it
Lineseeds - osmotic gradient again and also rich in omega 3 duhh
Parsley - yum

Number one, take care of your intestines. Number two, this covers most of your daily minimum vitamin intake. Number three, great substitute for dinner for those trying to lose weight. No, I'm not trying to lose weight, but if anyone is trying to that it totally fine and this is a good, healthy, nutritious, low calorie replacement of a normal dinner. Why dinner? Because you won't notice that you get hungry in two hours, since you are probably asleep. Aha!

P.S. Don't heat lineseeds or lineseed oil as this may release cyanide which is extremely poisonous. Ingest these raw only and they are full of omega 3 and antioxidants. Especially important to eat for someone who is allergic to fish, and never eats seafood, like me xxx D.S.



Outdoor day! Spent an hour at the outdoor gym today until Vanessa arrived, we ran 4 km. The weather was sooo nice. Going to thaiboxing tomorrow again so 4k felt very appropriate. To take these photos we set my phone on a 10s timer and activated it by the "cheese/smile" voice recognition function which caught some surrounding attention at first... haha.

Past week in exercise:
Tue: Outdoor bodyweight exercises at the countryside
Wed: nothing, travelled from Sweden
Thu: 5 km run
Fri: Gym (shoulders, deadlifts)
Sat: Gym (chest, triceps, squats, abs)
Mon: Thaiboxing
Tue: 4 km run + various outdoor gym exercises (pullups, pushups, toes-to-bar...)


In memory of mini snail

Waiting for my raspberry-blueberry pie to get ready at this moment - so came here to put a few words down. Went to see Dennis play football today but lost focus soon enough and set my mind to getting a tan instead. What a nice weatheeerrrr. We had lunch at Roy's afterwards which was very tasty, except I found a mini-snail in the remnants of my salad after I had already eaten everything. They let me have my dish for free. Now I feel like I'd have a cute mini-snail in all my dishes if it meant that I got the food for free. The sad part of this story is that mini-snail is probably dead because of my normal, but truthfully egoistic move - to call the waitor regarding the snail instead of releasing him into the wild. This post is dedicated to the memory of mini-snail.



I always check the outdoor temperature before I leave the house, but lately the thermometer was showing 10,5 degrees every day and I came to realise that it was busted. Busted is a funny word.

It was quite cold before I went to Sweden and I came back here in the middle of the night, and the air felt pretty chilly I suppose. Perhaps it was just an assumption. So when I heard the wind blowing strongly on the next day before I went to school, I figured it would be safe to wear one of my warmer jackets and my wool scarf. So I did that, only to realise that it was at least 20 degrees as soon as I was standing outside. And we're going to have 20 degrees C during this whole coming week! That's summer by Swedish standard. So I'm hereby welcoming the summer of 2016, today, April 2nd. I like this about Hungary.