Damn caprese, ultimate edition

Lately I've been kind of obsessed by the Caprese salad at Bonita. But I can't order from Bonita every single day to get my fix, so I'm making my own damned Caprese salad 2,0.

Why is it so hard to take nice photos of food?? Anyhow, CONTENT:
Iceberg lettuce - because high in fibre, creating an osmotic gradient in the intestines
Tomato - because I love tomato more than anything
Cucumber - yummy and full of vitamins
Olives - rich in omega 3 and salty (substitute for salt)
Garlic - because it's awesome in so many ways
Mozzarella - 20% protein and yummy
Lineseed oil (dressing) - 58% omega 3
Red wine vinegar (dressing) - because I love it
Lineseeds - osmotic gradient again and also rich in omega 3 duhh
Parsley - yum

Number one, take care of your intestines. Number two, this covers most of your daily minimum vitamin intake. Number three, great substitute for dinner for those trying to lose weight. No, I'm not trying to lose weight, but if anyone is trying to that it totally fine and this is a good, healthy, nutritious, low calorie replacement of a normal dinner. Why dinner? Because you won't notice that you get hungry in two hours, since you are probably asleep. Aha!

P.S. Don't heat lineseeds or lineseed oil as this may release cyanide which is extremely poisonous. Ingest these raw only and they are full of omega 3 and antioxidants. Especially important to eat for someone who is allergic to fish, and never eats seafood, like me xxx D.S.

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