Men man kan inte tänka så

A few pics from my phone from this afternoon. Jaa as you see I'm having a maxiskirt theme going on. I love maxi because it's feminine, sexy but also classy and reserved at the same time. And so comfy! Wrote the pediatrics prefinal today which was way easy... I wish I studied more for my other exams instead, haha... men man kan inte tänka så!! I have two more prefinals on Friday aaand... For oncology I'm not prepared at all. I just postponed it for too long until this day. With psychiatry I'm OK, but have to go through everything once more. Sooo. That's that!

Found out today that I got a job as doctor's assistant at the hospital in Eskilstuna this summer. Wihoo! Just what I wanted. I've also been accepted for psychiatry and pediatrics practice in Finland (Jakobstad) in the coming fall, so those are planned for now. Feels good.

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