I always check the outdoor temperature before I leave the house, but lately the thermometer was showing 10,5 degrees every day and I came to realise that it was busted. Busted is a funny word.

It was quite cold before I went to Sweden and I came back here in the middle of the night, and the air felt pretty chilly I suppose. Perhaps it was just an assumption. So when I heard the wind blowing strongly on the next day before I went to school, I figured it would be safe to wear one of my warmer jackets and my wool scarf. So I did that, only to realise that it was at least 20 degrees as soon as I was standing outside. And we're going to have 20 degrees C during this whole coming week! That's summer by Swedish standard. So I'm hereby welcoming the summer of 2016, today, April 2nd. I like this about Hungary.

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