Unleash the lion

How do you like my boxing gloves? I'm in love. Having a chill week with little to do; few obligatory duties with a deadline, that is. I've had internal medicine block practice in the mornings and completely free afternoons.

A local photographer contacted me over Instagram today regarding a fitness/running photoshoot and I've agreed to one, provided that it will be outdoors at one of the locations he suggested, and not on an exam day. So we will see about that.

Past week in exercise:
Tue: Gym (chest, various leg exercises, abs)
Wed: Thaiboxing
Thu: Gym (back, deadlifts)
Fri: Gym (triceps, butt, abs)
Sat: Rest
Sun: Thaiboxing
Mon: Gym (biceps, hamstrings) + thaiboxing
Tue: Rest

Shoulders, abs and some running is up next. Tomorrow is also Vanessa's birthday! And I'm so up for partying tihii. I should go to bed at this hour, but instead I'm having a chocolate muffin, herbal tea and that Game of Thrones episode ready. Practice starts at 8 so there is a chance that I will regret it tomorrow...

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