80 weeks

 Took this yesterday! The one to the left was taken 80 weeks ago according to my instagram. 80 weeks is quite a lot, it's 560 days. You know, it's your life; either you work out or you don't... but time goes anyways, so you might as well work out. Or do whatever for that matter. I'm so happy... this is exactly the kind of progress I'm striving for... hihihi


Got an email saying that my product is out of stock. Nooo... Dennis was in Budapest this weekend so I asked him to get it from there but they don't have that one in their sortiment. How unlucky am I!!

Not particularly unlucky at all. I'm super happy in general. This week was pretty stressful I've got to say, but did I have a nice weekend? Hell yes I did! Can't say that I did anything special and I did spend most of it alone, but we had a nice dinner with the girls and yesterday I had another looovely run and the sun has been shining.

Photos from today.


Le hello

I don't use a lot of make up... but I FINALLY found what I've been looking for which is a countouring palette in powder-form, even from Clinique. Yeesss. So I ordered it... counting the days until arrival... just to make life more exciting. Also booked a trip to Paris with Dennis over Christmas. But hey, na jk there's no but here. Not kidding though. Paris!!!

P.S. it was a super deal.. D.S.


Aaa why can't I study on time and go to bed at a proper hour. We have this small dermatology SCT tomorrow and I've postponed the material the whole day. By now I've finished half of it (wow, if you only knew how little that is) and am considering going to bed, to finish the rest tomorrow morning. Of course, I have to write all of this before I go to bed.

Don't you think I baked that applepie after all? Damn straight I did. Maria and I showed up as Leo's house on short notice and collaborated to produce a very, very yumyum applepie indeed. Wish I took some photos but I was busy filming snapchats. Add goatfather9 if you haven't yet ;D

Ran 10 kilometers yesterday and mmm it was lovely. I rarely enjoy cardio like that. Warmed up for some 3 km, then continued with intervals for 4 or 5 km and finished off with relaxation running. The whole thing took 58 minutes.

Past week in exercise:
Mon: gym (chest, triceps, quads, abs)
Tue: nothing
Wed: gym (back, hamstrings, abs)
Thu: gym (shoulders, traps, biceps)
Fri: gym (biceps, gluteus, abs)
Sat: gym (chest, triceps, quads)
Sun: 10 km run
Mon: got dressed for gym but got stuck at home xD



OH my. This is one of those days that I can't get anything that I want. Because I don't want to do anything? I just want to see and old friend and sit quietly, half-asocially, with some freshly baked applepie, coffee and milk chocolate and remember older, just as cosy moments. Can't wait to get retired?

It was a nice week and all and Dennis went clubbing with me last night!! But I'm somehow so unfulfilled... I think I need some cardio too but it's wet and cold outside...

You know what, I might just walk to Interspar in the rain and get some milk chocolate and net-bag of avocados. Already got them apples yoyoyo


I can do this often

Some pics from the weekend from our trip to Budapest with Dennis, Dollal & co. Like my new coat!? My mom got it for me this summer and I loove it :))


Do fking cardio

Ran 8,6 kilometers last Saturday (pre-anaphylaxis) and haven't done proper cardio since. So tomorrow after my eyebrow waxing appointment I'm heading straight to the stadium with Vanessa for another run.

I mentioned this before, but there is nothing better you can give yourself than some cardio. I'm sad that it's "out of trend" to do cardio... If you care for your heart and overall health, you should find some time during the week for cardiac training. A little does a LOT... the repetitive pumping (running, swimming, etc. without pause) stimulates the heart-muscle to become stronger; it has to be able to provide oxygen-rich blood to the working body. Cardiac training is the strength training of your heart, by the same mechanism that you improve the strength of your muscles at the gym, or wherever...

The feeling of a stronger heart is truly remarkable. Try it :) You can check your resting pulse rate (how many times your heart beats in one minute during rest), then start your cardiac training and check your resting pulse again in three months. I promise that your heart rate will be lower... which proves that your heart is stronger and can pump the blood around your body with fewer beats. Mine right now is 53 beats per minute xxx

PS. Immediately stop your cardio-session if you feel pain in the chest or as if you are going to faint.


We honestly cute

What do you do when someone tells you a lie straight up in your face? I don't knooow. Don't remember when or why, but I realised very early that lies are never hidden forever and only cause you trouble. Countless times have I been thankful to myself for sticking to the truth.

I barely understand why people even find lying necessary, because 99/100 times it really is not. Yet a lot of people make these small lies allll the time, everyday. Why? WHO CARES if the truth is boring, unimportant, sad, embarrassing... who will take you seriously when they realise you were lying? Throw the truth. Apologize if you must and throw it!!! No need to be a douche, but skip the lie. If the matter is none of the other person's business, then that is also the truth.

I'm not saying that I never lie; I lied this summer for instance, because of a promise. Promises are created from honesty, too, and a good friend will keep a secret even if it is uneasy... of course there are exceptions...

In general though, lies are pretty useless. So when you do lie - because it is a human thing to do - my advice is that you stop your life for a second, grab your esophagus and take that thing you just said back. "Sorry, that wasn't true" and/or "I don't know why I said that". The sooner the better, take it back. Super easy and people appreciate it so much more. Wouldn't you appreciate it if someone who just lied to you took it back immediately? Trust me, this is the shiet.



Wasn't even sure if I was allergic to peanuts. I never ate any... only knew from allergy tests that I react to peanut antigen. Anyways I've always avoided peanuts, just in case, since it is a very strong allergen and is more common to cause anaphylaxis compared to other antigens.

So today we got wok from that new wokbox place here in Debrecen and it was quite nice. However my last bite happened to include a peanut. Yes my LAST bite. I realised it just after my swallowing of that bite... dissolved some cortisol tablets in water and felt better. But about 30 minutes later I started getting some kind of asthma... which developed into anaphylaxis in the taxi... luckily I got to the ER just in time.

Now about 4 hours later, I'm pretty fine... just came here to say; hello I'm fine, just had my first anaphylactic reaction but/and I can breathe again.

Good night, sincerely