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What do you do when someone tells you a lie straight up in your face? I don't knooow. Don't remember when or why, but I realised very early that lies are never hidden forever and only cause you trouble. Countless times have I been thankful to myself for sticking to the truth.

I barely understand why people even find lying necessary, because 99/100 times it really is not. Yet a lot of people make these small lies allll the time, everyday. Why? WHO CARES if the truth is boring, unimportant, sad, embarrassing... who will take you seriously when they realise you were lying? Throw the truth. Apologize if you must and throw it!!! No need to be a douche, but skip the lie. If the matter is none of the other person's business, then that is also the truth.

I'm not saying that I never lie; I lied this summer for instance, because of a promise. Promises are created from honesty, too, and a good friend will keep a secret even if it is uneasy... of course there are exceptions...

In general though, lies are pretty useless. So when you do lie - because it is a human thing to do - my advice is that you stop your life for a second, grab your esophagus and take that thing you just said back. "Sorry, that wasn't true" and/or "I don't know why I said that". The sooner the better, take it back. Super easy and people appreciate it so much more. Wouldn't you appreciate it if someone who just lied to you took it back immediately? Trust me, this is the shiet.

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