Do fking cardio

Ran 8,6 kilometers last Saturday (pre-anaphylaxis) and haven't done proper cardio since. So tomorrow after my eyebrow waxing appointment I'm heading straight to the stadium with Vanessa for another run.

I mentioned this before, but there is nothing better you can give yourself than some cardio. I'm sad that it's "out of trend" to do cardio... If you care for your heart and overall health, you should find some time during the week for cardiac training. A little does a LOT... the repetitive pumping (running, swimming, etc. without pause) stimulates the heart-muscle to become stronger; it has to be able to provide oxygen-rich blood to the working body. Cardiac training is the strength training of your heart, by the same mechanism that you improve the strength of your muscles at the gym, or wherever...

The feeling of a stronger heart is truly remarkable. Try it :) You can check your resting pulse rate (how many times your heart beats in one minute during rest), then start your cardiac training and check your resting pulse again in three months. I promise that your heart rate will be lower... which proves that your heart is stronger and can pump the blood around your body with fewer beats. Mine right now is 53 beats per minute xxx

PS. Immediately stop your cardio-session if you feel pain in the chest or as if you are going to faint.

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