Aaa why can't I study on time and go to bed at a proper hour. We have this small dermatology SCT tomorrow and I've postponed the material the whole day. By now I've finished half of it (wow, if you only knew how little that is) and am considering going to bed, to finish the rest tomorrow morning. Of course, I have to write all of this before I go to bed.

Don't you think I baked that applepie after all? Damn straight I did. Maria and I showed up as Leo's house on short notice and collaborated to produce a very, very yumyum applepie indeed. Wish I took some photos but I was busy filming snapchats. Add goatfather9 if you haven't yet ;D

Ran 10 kilometers yesterday and mmm it was lovely. I rarely enjoy cardio like that. Warmed up for some 3 km, then continued with intervals for 4 or 5 km and finished off with relaxation running. The whole thing took 58 minutes.

Past week in exercise:
Mon: gym (chest, triceps, quads, abs)
Tue: nothing
Wed: gym (back, hamstrings, abs)
Thu: gym (shoulders, traps, biceps)
Fri: gym (biceps, gluteus, abs)
Sat: gym (chest, triceps, quads)
Sun: 10 km run
Mon: got dressed for gym but got stuck at home xD

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