Wasn't even sure if I was allergic to peanuts. I never ate any... only knew from allergy tests that I react to peanut antigen. Anyways I've always avoided peanuts, just in case, since it is a very strong allergen and is more common to cause anaphylaxis compared to other antigens.

So today we got wok from that new wokbox place here in Debrecen and it was quite nice. However my last bite happened to include a peanut. Yes my LAST bite. I realised it just after my swallowing of that bite... dissolved some cortisol tablets in water and felt better. But about 30 minutes later I started getting some kind of asthma... which developed into anaphylaxis in the taxi... luckily I got to the ER just in time.

Now about 4 hours later, I'm pretty fine... just came here to say; hello I'm fine, just had my first anaphylactic reaction but/and I can breathe again.

Good night, sincerely

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