In memory of mini snail

Waiting for my raspberry-blueberry pie to get ready at this moment - so came here to put a few words down. Went to see Dennis play football today but lost focus soon enough and set my mind to getting a tan instead. What a nice weatheeerrrr. We had lunch at Roy's afterwards which was very tasty, except I found a mini-snail in the remnants of my salad after I had already eaten everything. They let me have my dish for free. Now I feel like I'd have a cute mini-snail in all my dishes if it meant that I got the food for free. The sad part of this story is that mini-snail is probably dead because of my normal, but truthfully egoistic move - to call the waitor regarding the snail instead of releasing him into the wild. This post is dedicated to the memory of mini-snail.

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