I was just about to watch the new episode of Grey's Anatomy when there's "suddenly" no new episode. Google aids me to find out that the next air date is November 8. Whaaaat I hate when they do that... this means I will spend the next hour studying too...

Want to know what else is annoying? I can't open the sunny window and let my skin absorb some rays... because for some reason there's a swarm of bugs outside the window. They look like lady bugs but they are NOT! A month back I opened the sunny window and what happened was that within 10 seconds this big (fake!) lady bug entered the house. I opened another window to try to let it out but then BAM  five more huge pretend lady bugs came into the living room. I looked outside and there was an infinite number of them swarming around eewwww!

Since then they have decreased in numbers but as soon as there's a sunny day outside they like to fly outside my windows and prevent me from having some fresh air and sunlight on my skin =(

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