Scared and motivated

Apparently my anatomy group has abnormally high grades or something like that. For this reason the head of the department is planning to be one of our examinors in the next mid term exam (abdomen and pelvis)... our teacher told us that this was discussed during a meetning.

The thing about the head of the department is that he is the head of the department. Now, I don't like to phrase it like this, but this guy has the power. And it is a power that he does not mind using.

I know a few cases where a student passed his examination...
But this professor, if any, is known to come and cut down a forest full of trees as if it was made of toothpicks or cotton swabs. His examinations are like areyouagoodmedicalstudentareyousureIdontthinkso...... I've been there.

But what can we do... we can only try to prepare. He is always somewhere... every time there is an anatomy exam at least 10/300 students have him as an examinor. We poor students can only hope that he will go to another room than ours. But for me the probability of having him as an examinor is now 33% or more... because my subgroup has very, very good results so far...

Aaanyways BE SURPRISED - I am now going to the gym. Is there anything else that I share as often? I just love going to the gym!! Lately I'm noticing a great deal of progress too. Theeen I'm going to study until 21.00 before I attend some secret... secret... hmm I shouldn't risk revealing it to her ;D

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