Stupid mosquito

I was in the middle of writing this post as a mosquito appeared levitating just in front of my face. How stupid is that? I haven't even THOUGHT about mosquitos for about eight months. Apart from when Bendy returned from Ghana with Malaria. What a mistake to fly in my face...

I've been sleeping all day today. I'm sick. Or is it ill? Damn you, virus!

I think the physiology exam went quite OK this morning but if you happen to remember, I would need a score of 93% on this one in order to get the exemption from the written part of the physiology final exam. Honestly I think I lost a more than 3 points... not because I found mistakes already but because there was 20 points in total for the relation analysis and some of the questions were really tricky (to me). So I may only get ONE of those questions wrong and still get above 93%. Hahah I don't know... hopefully the written part won't be too bad.

Photo from last Friday. I look pretty bothered don't I? Oh and yeah Debrecen had spring for about two days before it turned into summer and we've had 20 - 30 degrees for more than a week now ;);)))))

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