Back home!

Rome was lovely. It's a charming city, so special... the atmosphere is intimate in a way that you wouldn't think that Rome is a capital city. The people are down to earth, humorous and friendly. But found that I have an issue with how loud Italians are, everywhere. I got the impression that yelling is "normal" in Italy and not a big deal, but for me this is a personal matter, that I don't want to surround myself with people that can't control their tone when they are aroused by small things... so in this sense Italy is a bit out of my comfort zone. Stop! Still a huge recommend for travelling!!

But if you're thinking about going to Rome, I would say that it's a better idea to go during spring or fall; the weather was scorching hot now, and when my feet started to ache from all the walking we did (public transport only to and from Pompei) it was hard to enjoy 36 degrees Celcius. During mid day I feel like I spent too much time looking down at the paved roads (avoiding the sun), being unable to fully take in every lovely detail of the city and the surrounding landscape.

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