And so,

What happened to the nice weather!? I had to go back to my coat after seven days of summer...

So histology was, as I suspected, alright. But no wonders made, I scored 7/10. Being the first histology exam I was so worried the day before we were getting our results back that I got up 04.50 in the morning to restudy the material in case I had to take a remedial. In retrospect I regret it but most likely I will do it again...

Molecular biology was much better with 36/40.

You may think that I've forgotten to report my cell biology; actually I'm not able to forget these things, as I think my life consists of at least 75% school at the moment... Well, for cell biology I didn't reach the passing level. =(

I've been very happy this week anyhow! Things are good in general, my cold is almost gone and tomorrow I'm finally going back to gym. I'm looking forward to school week 12 when we don't have a single exam!!

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