Late night bs

Im so sick of studying!!!! Here I am in Debrecen, alone, Saturday night, STUDYING. Drowning in pediatrics. I want to party for a year straight right now. I'm young NOW life is happening NOW but I'm right here. This is what I do for my future me. Then, I'm going to take my doctor money and party.

And I'm so sick of "the perfect female body" with silicone boobs. Why does everyone act like our body is supposed to look like that, you know what I refer to. Silicone was PUT INSIDE these women. Why are women jealous of other women's silicone boobs, why do women with natural breats feel inferior to the point of SURGERY and wearing plastic INSIDE the body. Where is our self respect women???? What???

Do you know what I'm thinking when I walk through a crowd? I'm the shit I'm the shit I'm the shit. Because I am, as I am. As is anyone who wants to be.

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