Nem muködik

I realised in vain that I need a stamp from the university before I can take the pediatrics exam, and bought a new, earlier flight ticket. But about 30 minutes before departure the airport announced that all flights are cancelled. It was too windy. Damn it Swedish climate. I managed to get an exam date one day ahead but... the stress!! And lost study time!!! Sigh.

By the way I had plastic surgery. JK but I had five fibromas/moles removed with CO2 laser in Stockholm at a plastic surgery clinic. It was pretty cool. No, no botox yet but maybe next year. Visited Bazyl in Uppsla in the same ronud. Poor guy had to prepare for a presentation haha, but it was really fun to see him.

By the way again, I got a job for the summer! At the Oncology clinic as last year but this time as a doctor. IF our application (me working as a doctor before graduation) is approved by socialstyrelsen. Pretty pleeease.

Gotta get back to the lovely pages of pediatrics. PEACE.

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