New new new year in the calendar

You are who you are, character develops very early in life. But skills are dynamic and habits are not set in stone. EFFORT makes you improve. Thinking, planning, practicing and actually doing things.

January 1st is a date in the calendar.

Who wants more facts? Who disagrees with my facts?

2017 is the year that I will graduate!! And my 25th birthday is tomorrow. These things feel insane to me. Truly, I'm just another homo sapiens... but to ourselves, our life is a pretty big deal. Everyone don't get to turn 25, and I'm very thankful for my existence. Thank you to everything that made me happen, I like it.

Some things that I'm working on currently, and for the coming year:

- Studying more, especially emergency medicine which I feel obliged to know much better than I currently do. Because... this knowledge is probably what will matter the most in my career, to others, and I want to be able to help someone critically ill. Not panic myself and make unneccesary mistakes.

- Be less messy at home. I'm a pig. I'm aiming for piglet and finally an orderly adult person. ?

- Eat less meat and more protein from alternative sources. Drink less milk though as high lactose
consumption is linked to increased overall mortality, bone insufficiency and some cancers. Why!!!!!

- Maintain my current fitness-level but include more cardio (for the heart, and general health) and
maybe make my bodyweight exercises more difficult, for instance adding a bit of weight to pullups.

- Not touching my skin as I easily get acne and acne gives scarring...

- Going to bed earlier, which I think is improving to a certain extent :D

Lastly, what happened to the blog sidebar?? I can't get it up!

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