Oh god, what a dead blog! I'm genuinely regretful that I can't find time to stop by here, but what to do!? I travelled from Jakobstad to Sweden, spent a day at home and just got back from a trip to Gran Canaria with Vanessa. It was my first time there and I really understand why Swedes love the Canaries so much - it's relaxed, beautiful nature, warm, safe and people are so happy and friendly. I could actually imagine myself living there, and I don't get that feeling often.

Going to stick around in Sweden now until 13th of January, when I finally return to Debrecen for a few weeks. I'm quite distressed about not having a date for the neurology exam, I wish I could have taken it in September straight after practice... but I just couldn't!! I've been on Neptun (our online site for exam registration, etc) every day, but always miss out when they post new exam dates. So now I'm registered for peds and psychiatry, instead. Will also do those obligatory two weeks of gynaecology practice. So that will be gooood I hope. But damn, so hard to get an exam date for neurology....

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