Glad I asked

Some week ago, while sharing equipment with an acquaintance at the gym; the music is kind of loud and my hearing is already not the best:

- Wow Maria, you are really stressed.

I'm like, hmm... Not really feeling that stressed, maybe a little but trying to suppress it... but I probably look tired and maybe a bit tense...
- Yeah... I guess I am yeah.
- Well, at least you know about it.

A few seconds of silence... He probably means that if I know about it, I can deal with it.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Mhm... yep...

A moment passes by and something doesn't feel right...
- You said "stressed", right? That I look stressed?
- No I said, you are really shredded.
- aaaa SHREDDED heeeh well some days more some days less heeee I thought you said stressed hee-heee.....

Haha hello douchebag. I wonder how many conversations like these I'm having without knowing... I'm just glad that I asked...

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