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"Maria works out so much without getting any muscles", yes I'm getting stronger without having a major increase in muscle volume... this is the case for most white females I think... and I'm very pleased with my tiny muscles thank you. I don't think that protein supplements would "help" me and even if they would I'm not interested in ingesting a powdered, dissolvable product full of artificial additives. I'm sure that the world incidence of kidney stones is increasing due to the high consumption of protein shakes...

"Maria has too much muslces" (it's funny how I get such a variety of opinions :D ) I think you should reconsider what is important in life. I'd rather have wider shoulders (and a much nicer posture) than be weak and unhealthy and contract chronic diseases at middle age. Arthritis, diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer, hypertension, ischaemic heart disease; only a few examples of what you can prevent or postpone with regular exercise. And what if the house you're in is on fire and you need to climb out the window? If you don't find a strong body visually appealing at least think of these things...

In 1st year of medical school I only "had time" to exercise 1 - 2 times a week, which I don't think was "bad" in any way because it was what I could handle then; the level that made me the least stressed. I gradually found more time for exercise because it became more important for me. You shouldn't feel restrained or forced to diet or exercise! Do something that amuses you, something you look forward to doing again. I like gym because it's versatile and allows you to sculpt your body. I also like mirrors.

 You have every reason in the world to work out, just find a level that you like.

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