Still, did

Awkward pose much, hehe. Didn't feel like a back-session tonight but it was time for one. In retrospect I'm glad that I went! Tried to go running at first but stopped after 1,6 km with asthma... huu... the air was pretty bad with a lot of contruction going on around which probably caused it.

In case someone is curious, this is what a back session commonly looks like:
5 x 10 pull-ups (I can't always do 10)
5 x 12 seated low row
5 x 12 straight arm pulldown
5 x 12 face pull
5 x 12 posterior flyes

Also did 5 x 12 deep full ROM squats with just the bar (20 kg) followed by a superset of ab-exercises. It was well enough for today :)))

Of course I'm up studying for the forensics exam, wouldn't be sitting here for no reason haaa

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