Lesson learned?

Something funny happeded yesterday.

On our way to the summer place (by car), I asked my dad to drop me off 4km from home so that I would jog home. I do this sometimes, it is quite time effective. It was getting dark, time was about 9 - 10 PM.

1,5 kilometers from home there is a passage through the woods that is especially foresty and as I jogged through there I thought hmm sounds like a lot of animals and just then a baby moose walks up on the road.

Baby moose... oh shit where is mommy moose... and there, mommy moose. Two tonnes of moose curious about me just 20 meters ahead ohgosh I didn't dare do jog or walk any further. I have no idea what would have been the smartest thing to do if mommy moose had started walking towards me. Moose is friendly but very protective... and huge.

I was just about to call my dad when my two new friends walked back into the forest due to apperance of a car. Phew! Also wasn't just some car, but my dad. Super express? He wanted to check on me... just because; late hour, dark, some cars (hunters) parked by the road... just to be safe. Timing or what!!

Last week on almost the exact same spot a badger crossed the road before me, about 9 PM. In the future I will jog some hours earlier I think... or what next, Mr. and Mrs. Boar? No thanks heheh.

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