"Hi there, congratulations to you on passing the Physio lab exam. I just wanted to know that what did you study for the Physiology closing lab exam? and also what is your method and your studying sources for Biochemistry? I'm asking you because you've got a good grade in Biochem which I think is a hard thing to achieve. it would be very appreciated if you write about these maybe in your next post or in the comment section. Thanks, I really need some clues on how to study these subjects."

Hi! I answered in the comments. Good luck with the exam =)


  1. Hi :) Thank you so much for your complete & detailed answer, it's gonna be really helpful to me and I'm gonna do the things you did. I really didn't expect you to respond like this, very fast & detailed. It's a proof that you care for your readers. You're just simply amazing. Thank you again. Best of luck to you too.

  2. you are sweet! Im glad to help a co student if I can, it is not a problem ^^


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