I came out from the gym and my bike was COVERED IN SNOW. Yeaahh!!!

It's time to compare my moi from September to now. I definitely see a difference and the scales do too, +1,5 kgs! Could it be muscle only? I'm going to try to take some photos any day now, I just need some daylight.

If you're tired as ass of reading about my school results stop reading now! I got 81% on the physiology exam. That is fine... I promised myself that if I get above 80% I'm allowed to trim my hair at the hairdresser so I'm doing that on Thursday :D me thinks it is becoming necessary. If you remember... my first out of the three physiology exams was terrible, 54%... I don't know!? Anyways we have a chance to re-take any one of the three exams in the next week so I'm going to do that and see if I can get the higher grade in the course (4).

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